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Let them dive right in!

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It’s Summertime and we all feel like just diving into the water especially on those days when the weatherman’s map shows those shades from yellow to red. On those days, especially, let your fruit do the same into your glass of water. Flavoring your water with fruit adds zest to your beverage, increasing your nutrient and fiber intake. Studies have confirmed that the age old 8 glasses of water per day should include the water content of not only other beverages, but, high water content food, as well. Fortunately, we have a built-in alarm – thirst – that reminds us it’s time to fill up with water, much the same as your stomach will give those hunger cramps. Water intake also depend on where you live i.e. living in cooler climes requires less intake opposed to living in the tropics. Living an active vs, a more sedentary lifestyle will also determine the level of intake. Hydration with water has many positive effects on the body such as decreasing the risk of kidney stones formation and flushing out toxins through the urinary tract. This may lead to the “glowing skin” theory. It may also reduce the severity of headaches, relieve and/or prevent constipation and especially where exercise or performance sports are pivotal, being hydrated will increase your performance as dehydration leads to fatigue. Lastly, as we all know, water can still those hunger pains, leading to weight loss, but, it should be incorporated into a balanced, healthy eating plan. Here’s to a naturally flavored life-giving miracle – water!

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