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Socks and Workout – Give it some Thought
Shoes are important, but, the wrong socks are the number 2 problem to most workout related foot problems.
Wearing the correct socks will make your feet feel more comfortable and therefore amp up your game.
Wearing the wrong socks i.e. too tight or loose, too thick or not the correct texture it may lead to irritation, and sometimes injury.
Socks form a cushion between your skin and your shoe and therefore prevent friction. It is therefore advisable to wear socks with cushioning on the soles.
Experts advise using socks which are made from the new microfiber fabrics that are designed to wick moisture from your skin. As moisture build-up on the skin leads to fungus of the skin and nails, and contributes to blisters and odor it is important to wear socks that will keep the moisture away from your skin.
“Most wickable fibers are synthetic,” says Stephen Pribut, D.P.M., a sports medicine podiatrist, “but wool blends are also wickable.” Sock height should depend on what’s comfortable for you.
Toe socks are great for runners and walkers as it reduces friction.
White socks will alert you to any problems as you may find stains so much easier, which can be an indication of a problem even before you feel it. Clear fluid, yellow stains or even blood specs are all indications of a foot problem that needs your attention.

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