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How to treat Athletes foot & Fungal infections of the feet naturally!

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Feet has more sweat glands than your armpits, therefore they deserve more attention than we are giving them.

Although there are plenty products on the shelves, you may find the cure in your own home.

Athletes Foot is defined as a common inflammation of the skin, in between the webs of the toes and the soles of the feet.

It may cause itching burning and scaling. If caused by contagious fungus it may spread to palms, groin and other body parts.

Bacteria causes the bad odour.

  • Baking soda (Bicarbonate of Soda) made in a paste form, applied & left to dry is a feisty smelly Athletes foot fighter. Rinse and dry properly before putting on socks and shoes. Bicarb can also be used as a foot soak, which not only relaxes sore, tired feed but prevent inflammation and fight fungus.
  • Lavenderalso has antifungal Make a massage oil by adding three drops of lavender oil to one teaspoon of oil (any vegetable oil or skin lotion will do). Rub into the infected skin daily.
  • Plainyogurt contains live acidophilus bacteria and is an instant remedy for athlete’s foot. These friendly microorganisms keep fungus in check. Simply dab the yogurt on the infected areas, let dry, and rinse off. (Don’t use flavoured yogurt)
  • Kosher salt’s chemistry has excellent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties. For a soothing foot soak, add two teaspoons of Kosher salt to two cups of warm water. Soak your feet for 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat this soak at frequent intervals until your feet are completely healed.
  • Vinegar is another powerful fungus fighter and you can use it in a diluted form as a foot soak and in your shower as a spray on the floor to kill off fungal growth. A word of warning – do not spray directly before using the shower as the fumes will be overpowering. You may even use a cloth dipped in the vinegar solution to wipe out your shoes and let it dry before slipping them on again.
  • Teacontains tannic acid, a natural astringent that works wonderfully to dry out sweaty feet. Steep five tea bags in a litre of boiling water for five minutes. Let cool to lukewarm, then soak your feet in this for 30 minutes.
  • Mustard will help to kill the fungus. Soak your feet in the bath for up to half an hour. Add a few drops of mustard oil or a bit of mustard powder to a footbath
  • Tea tree oil is a potent antiseptic. It alters the environment of the skin, making it harder for tinea to do its nasty work. For a soothing, healing treatment, mix tea-tree oil with the same amount of olive oil and rub the combination into the affected area twice a day. The olive oil helps to soften the skin, toughened by athlete’s foot so the tea-tree oil is better absorbed.
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