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Back to Basics Introduction

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Back to Basics

As a short introductory to the theme – we live in a world where toxic waste is becoming overwhelming, landfill sites are overflowing and marine life are dying as a result of the waste we produce in this modern day and age. Most of the chemical products we use are packaged in plastic, some of which is recyclable and some not. Some people are educated on recycling, but, sad to say, most are not. Some countries are geared to recycle waste materials, but, even so we each need to contribute to cut down on wastage.

Global warming is at an all time high. For us as earthlings we think the motto of the House of Stark “Winter is coming” from the Game of Thrones series by George R R Martin is a very apt analogy of the state and times we are living in and we too need to prepare to do battle.

A wise woman once told me a true story. She said “when I was young and early in my career, I found a co-worker (actually he was the previous owner, returning as one of the Directors, after his retirement) bringing his lunch to work every day wrapped in brown paper and placed into a paper bag. Boy, I thought that was gross and that he must be a miser. By the end of the week the fat stain was clearly visible through the, by then, crumpled brown paper bag. I did not realize that what he and his wife were doing, was recycling, and saving money, daily. Firstly they made use of a more sustainable eco-friendly form of food packaging. Secondly – those fat stains – his body did not absorb the excess fat and let me tell you he lived to a ripe old age”

These thoughts has lead us to look back at the word porn – yes basically meaning naked, stripped of any additives. Let us explore how we can, as generations before us, use products that are readily available, or refined only to a certain state to our benefit and reduce the amount of wastage, reduce, a person at a time, the toxic chemicals we release into the ground and water systems, that surely is finding its way back into our life cycle, be more health conscious and surprisingly save money in the process.

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