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About Us


Company History

Having started in 2015, we are a new, still growing company. Currently busy establishing our brand, fresh and full of new and innovative, inspiring ideas. We have great vision for the company and aim to be of service and inspiration to people in the health industry sector and the wellbeing of all people, by means of various platforms.


Vision statement

To be the most efficient and effective Service and Product Brand in the Health- and wellness sector by adopting best practices from Market research and Advertising with due care to environmental and social impact.

Mission statement

Our mission is to become a trusted and preferred Service and Product Brand whom all our followers, clients and employees and suppliers can be proud to work with. We want to be a leader in the Health- and wellness sector by providing our followers and eventually customers the best inspirational ideas, sustainability thereof, experience, support and products to aid their physical health and well-being.


Integrity is at the heart or our business. We demonstrate integrity by trusting, respecting, supporting and empowering our followers and future clients, and operating every single day with authenticity, honesty and reliability. The company pledges to protect the environmental quality and human welfare in both the local and global communities. We are actively involved as a company, and as individual employees, giving our time and resources to contribute to the sustainability and growing demand for the health of individuals and of the planet.

Business goals & objectives

Our business goal is to be the number one trusted and preferred Product Brand in the Health- and wellness sector. We aim to run a profitable operation, which means increasing revenue by increasing scope and productivity. Customer service will focus on increased efficiency in information sharing and reduce turn-around time by increasing our response time and efficient delivery of the required products or services. We aim to grow our business and become the preferred business operation of choice.

Growth strategy

We aim to successfully make the transition from start-up to small business to a fully-fledged large business by focussing on the needs of our clients and the needs of the industry. We will also focus largely on Product and Service Development by focusing on new products to sell to our customers, and to expand our services in the market place.


Multi-media Services, Health Investments and Products

  • Information sharing regarding health and fitness
  • Producing researched information on a variety of topics
  • Providing guidance on various topics
  • Providing Branded Products to aid in keeping fit and healthy
  • Providing Online Coaching

Business competitiveness

We aim to be the most competitive by diversifying our products and services in line with market research toward the health industry and its needs. We aim to remain competitive by ongoing market research and customer feedback.


No Refund Policy

We unfortunately have a No-Refund policy, but items can be exchanged for similar or higher value item/s. The difference is for client account, as well as any delivery charges of such items

Where  an item unfortunately is not up to standard we will exchange such item at our cost

Delivery Times

We use a normal 2-3 day courier service from Cape Town to the rest of South Africa.  Very remote destinations might take longer.

Unfortunately no Overseas orders can be accepted via the website. Please contact us if interested and will come back to you with options


Orders will not be shipped until payment of order shows in our bank account

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